GHE SuBCulture 50g

21 120 Ft









Protect your roots from fungi and other pathogens


Did you ever hear about “Pythium, Fusarium, Verticillium”, and all these names in “ium” that create havoc and desolation in plantations and grow rooms? At all seasons, and especially in hot weather, most hydroponic growers may experience fungi infestation in their plants’ roots. To get rid of them, some companies will suggest UV sterilizers, enzymes, trichoderma powders, etc. with some, little, or no success at all. Of course you can use fungicides, which you will find in any gardening store. But we all know that fungicides are harmful for you, and of course for the environment.


As experts and consultants in hydroponics, the question of root rot and fungi is often relayed to us, and the subject sure was a great concern of ours … until today! For several years indeed we researched a conclusive way to eliminate pathogens from the nutritive solution, while staying natural, and as ecological as it is possible.


SubCulture is a beneficial mix of micro-organisms that protects the root mass from pathogen fungi by surrounding the roots with a protective barrier, and inhibiting growth, propagation, and thus survival of their predators.


How does it work?


SubCulture covers the whole root mass with a protective mycelium that impedes pathogens from feeding and growing, thus propagating, and eventually of surviving.
SubCulture has a second and equally essential function:
This specific mix of bacteria decomposes the organic matter and debris in the nutritive solution and transforms this potential source of disease into a supplement of mineral salts readily available to the plants.


When and how to use it?


SubCulture is a natural 100% biological protector.
In soil and in coconut fibre it will reproduce itself easily, and can simply be added in the watering solution.
In hydroponics, use it with the biofiltre, a device that creates the necessary conditions for its reproduction thanks to the little Stars where SubCulture likes to nest, and which allow to keep it alive and healthy for as long as possible.

To save on buying a biofilter, you can mix 10% coco fibre and 90% clay pellets, and add SubCulture.

As a preventive, as well as a curative application.
10 g/150 L – Every 6 weeks:
SubCulture is used as a drench when planting seeds, in your watering solution in soil, or directly in the biofilter for hydroponics.



BM and SubCulture are two different products. SubCulture is used to eliminate pathogens in the root zone, and help breakdown organic matter in the solution. BM is only used to breakdown organic matter. If you already use SubCulture, you do not need BM.